Kay Wonder – Salute

Kay Wonder – Salute

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Popular Nigerian Gospel Star and The anointed, energetic praise worship leader ‘Kay Wonder’ is back with this brand new Single title Salute from the latest Album God of All Possibilities, Get The Full Album On all The Digital Stores Titled Amazon Music, || CdBaby || Spotify

Salute is a dynamic and uplifting piece to start your day with rejoicing, This song will sure get you on your feet and make you dance away all your sorrows, Praise God with all your heart with this song.


Chorus…. we throway salute eee we bendown low and worship you we move to the left, move to the right and we clap we rababa, we rababa, we clap…….

Verse 1 Mighty God you reign in heaven on earth we throway salute ee we bendown, we bendown low/2x We go dey rababa, rababa rababa…./3x We go dey hail your name oo daddyy, we throway salute oo, we hail your name oo ee

Mighty God you reign in heaven on earth we throway salute eee we bendown, we bendown low…

Bridge(Kabiyesi Olaninu Ola)

Ki nwo Vassachi….. Ki nwo Hamani… Ki nwo Zanotti…. Ki nwo Gucci……

Ki ngu Ferrari…. tabi ko gun Bugatti …. Ki nlo Labogini…. Tabi ko gun Bentley..

Ki njeun, Jeun, jeun, jeun, jeun, jeun, Jeun, jeun, Jeun, Jeun, Jeun Jeun, Jeun, bi eniyan lasan… lasan…. lasan….

Call…. Everybody Salute ooo Res….. Heeee Salute



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