NF – Leave Me Alone

NF – Leave Me Alone

NF – Leave Me Alone Mp3 Download

NF releases new song, tag “Leave Me Alone”, off his highly anticipated Album “The Search“ available for download & Stream.


I went from nobody to kinda famous Hide my plaques inside the closet, I just can’t explain it My wife, she tells me that she’s proud and thinks that I should hang ’em

But I just leave ’em on the ground right next to my self-hatred Yeah, yeah, mental health, where’s my mental health? Diagnosed with OCD, what does that mean? Well, gather ’round That means I obsessively obsess on things I think about That means I might take a normal thought and think it’s so profound (Leave me alone) Ruminating, filled balloons up full of doubts Do the same things, if I don’t, I’m overwhelmed (Leave me alone) Thoughts are pacing, they go ’round and ’round and ’round It’s so draining, let’s move onto something else, fine (Oh) (Leave me alone)

I’m in the game, but they don’t even know it Like I’m undercover and don’t want to blow it I come out of nowhere, they don’t even notice The flow is so cold, you would think it was snowin’ (Oh) (Leave me alone) I’m under the weather, but wind isn’t blowin’ I got an umbrella for difficult moments You got to admit it, I’m very devoted I’m out in the rain, but they don’t always help me, so I… (I, I)

Once it’s decimated, then you drop a song outta nowhere And all the fans embrace it (Leave me alone) Then the buzz will surface again, it’s part of my operation I don’t need advice from my doubts right now End of conversation (Leave me alone) Shut your mouth, yeah, shut your mouth Better tone it down, close it now If you make a sound, I’ma change your dial (Leave me alone) Funny how they be acting loud, comin’ on it now It’s floating ’round

Man, the kid is wild, pretty wild, true (Leave me alone) I’m kinda funny but don’t really show it I keep it together but have a disorder I go to my room and I sit in my corner And talk to myself in a language that’s foreign (Leave me alone) I think of a rhyme and I have to record it But know if I don’t, I’ll wake up in the mornin’ And question my life again, always avoiding I hate to be different, but hate to be normal, so I… (I, I) (Leave me alone)


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