Listen To Naledi’s (The Girl That Wants To F*ck Cassper Nyovest) Side Of The Story

Listen To Naledi’s (The Girl That Wants To F*ck Cassper Nyovest) Side Of The Story Mp3 Download

Cassper says a few people’s beaus have been considering him to state their bae was at his pool party without their insight.

Eish! Poor Naledi imagined that she could escape and carry on with her best life at Cassper’s pool party throughout the end of the week, however a man who is professing to be her bae has clearly busted her. What’s more, the web has lost its brain!

She Said Goodnight To Me At 17:00 🕔 Yesterday Telling Me “Babe I’m Sick Not Feeling Well” Kanti okwa bose Kudu Kudu @CassperNyovest s PoolParty 💔💔😢😢😢 I Only Find Out Now…. Women Are Trash 🚮🚮

— 🔥 Auti eGrand🇿🇦 ⁠ (@Dj_Techzi) September 25, 2018

The Twitter client caused an online life storm when he posted receipts demonstrating his supposed bae was at the gathering while he asserted she disclosed to him that she was wiped out and would remain home to rest.

As indicated by malume, Naledi went disconnected at 5pm however was later spotted alongside Cassper’s Bentley and moving on his yard.

Brother was vanquished by the circumstance and he wasn’t the only one.

The online life avenues were a buzz with response to the story with much Cassper hopping in to affirm that it was his ride Naledi was remaining beside.

Naledi Later came through to say that she even wants to sleep With Cassper Nyovest.

Listen to Her interview on Yfm below.

#TheBestDrive Naledi’s side of the story @Dj_Techzi @DJ_Sabby & @tshepi_mabs got the scoop! 🤭

— #YFM (@Yfm) September 27, 2018

— #YFM (@Yfm) September 27, 2018


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