Australian Town Plagued By 200,000 Bats 

Australian Town Plagued By 200,000 Bats 

A small Aussie town has been forced to close parks and swimming pools after being hit by a “plague” of over 200,000 divebombing bats.

Furious residents took to the streets of Charters Towers, Queensland, after conservation regulations forced the local council to block off public spaces across the town instead of culling the creatures

Over 200,000 screeching bats descended on Charters Towers.

Over 160 angry locals marched on the town hall brandishing anti-bat signs and placards after the local swimming pool was closed to stop swimmers swallowing the creatures’ poo.

Mayor Liz Schmidt said: “Nobody seems to be able to give us any answers.

“It’s an absolute disaster, the stuff of nightmares.

“The community will think we’re just slacking off and not doing anything.

“Council is working really hard within the confines of what we can and can’t do to fix this. Schmidt added that while the government has been in caretaker mode it has been nearly impossible to get help.

“We just need someone to tell us why there’s 200,000 bats here, if we can’t find out why they’re here then we can’t fix it,” she said.

“It’s not about a knee-jerk reaction, it’s about doing something for the long term.”


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