BRISTOL Revealed As UK’s Cocaine Capital

BRISTOL Revealed As UK's Cocaine Capital

The cocaine capital of the United Kingdom is Bristol, according to a shock new report carried out by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug addiction. The report states that, each day 754.7mg of the stimulant are consumed per 1000 residents in the city.

Bristol ranks the number one place for cocaine use in the UK, above cities such as London and Manchester, and is fifth place for use in Europe last year, reports the Bristol Post .

The EU city with the highest cocaine use was found to be Barcelona with a daily consumption of 965.2mg of the drug per 1000 residents, followed by Zurich, Antwerp, St Gallen and Geneva.

How did they know this? Researchers tested waste water, such as sewage, for drug reside to collect their results.


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