Cleric Held Over Murder Of ‘Pakistani Kim Kardashian’

Cleric Held Over Murder Of 'Pakistani Kim Kardashian'Cleric Held Over Murder Of 'Pakistani Kim Kardashian'

A Muslim cleric is being held over the murder of a social media queen dubbed the ‘Kim Kardashian of Pakistan’.

Qandeel Baloch, 26, was found dead just days after playfully posing in controversial selfies next to Mufti Abdul Qavi in a hotel room.
The cleric has now been arrested for allegedly inciting the model’s so-called honour killing.
Miss Baloch, a polarising figure in Pakistan who had tens of thousands of fans online, was strangled in her home in July last year.
Her brother later confessed to drugging and murdering her for “bringing shame” on their family.
Police said Qavi was arrested on a motorway on Wednesday after his bail plea was rejected and he fled a court in Multan, Pubjab province.
He appeared in court on Thursday and was remanded into police custody.
The cleric is accused of inciting her brother to kill her after he was “humiliated” by the selfies which derailed his career.
Miss Baloch, whose real name was Fauzia Azeem, faced frequent death threats and misogynist abuse as she rose to fame in Pakistan – a deeply traditional Muslim country where many women are repressed.
But the threats didn’t stop the social media star from sharing raunchy photos and video clips online.
In the days before she was killed, she told local media that she feared for her safety and had unsuccessfully appealed to the government to provide her with security guards.
Prosecutors claim phone records showed he had been in contact with Waseem and one of Miss Baloch’s cousins amid the national scandal.
Cleric Held Over Murder Of 'Pakistani Kim Kardashian'

Cleric Held Over Murder Of 'Pakistani Kim Kardashian'

Cleric Held Over Murder Of 'Pakistani Kim Kardashian'


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