Dammy Krane Tells Orezi He Is The Real ‘Thief’

Dammy Krane Tells Orezi He Is The Real 'Thief'Dammy Krane Tells Orezi He Is The Real 'Thief'

Lol, few days ago, Orezi took to IG to talk about his new hairstyle (seen above) and warned Nigerian artistes not to try to copy the hairstyle, he publicly said it, but then many took it as a joke. Well, Dammy didn’t and because he didn’t want people to misquote him, or tell Orezi he blasted him behind, Dammy made a video, REPLYING Orezi and insinuating Orezi is the real thief, lol.

How do we mean? Dammy says, when he drops a song and makes a move, Orezi copies it but to him (Orezi) that feels cool, so why is he bothered that some artistes might copy his hairstyle. A friend of Dammy was also heard in the video saying, sheybi him be hairdresser, and Dammy was like no mind am, idiot, and the video ended, lol.

For Dammy to publicly come out to insult Orezi like this? Sigh, hope no war will brew o… Sigh! Watch the video below, lmao can’t deal!!


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