Dino Visits Ailing Veteran Actor, Sadiq Daba

Dino Visits Ailing Veteran Actor, Sadiq DabaDino Visits Ailing Veteran Actor, Sadiq Daba

Senator Dino Melaye visited ailing veteran actor and broadcaster, Sadiq Daba who is currently battling cancer of the blood, Leukemia and prostate cancer. Sadiq disclosed in his appreciation message that Melaye gave him N1 million.

Dino shared the message Sadiq Daba sent to him after the visit on his IG page. The message below;

    ‘You call him the maverick…but then what is there in a name!! Call him what you may. ..I call him a Daniel come to the rescue….a man humble enough to know and appreciate the need of his fellow human being …how compassionate, caring, and humane can one be? To Senator Dino Melaye my eternal gratitude… My prayers… The good Lord will continue to guide, protect, be shield and guard in whatever you do ….His countless blessings are yours….you came and out of the goodness of your heart gave out a MILLION NAIRA towards towards my treatment….. You will be replenish in abundance in Jesus Almighty name!!! Again who else ,but the indefatigable Dr Joe Odumakin…the Angel was with him!!! Bless you Sir!! – Sadiq Daba’


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