Florida Shooting Survivors Approached For Documentary Deals

Florida Shooting Survivors Approached For Documentary Deals

The Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School could become a documentary soon, because some students are getting approached by Hollywood producers, TMZ has learned.

Sources tell them at least a couple student survivors have been getting calls to participate in some sort of docu-type project that would depict the tragedy and its aftermath.

TMZ was told these students are fielding requests from a number of producers and executives for potential deals on a full-blown movie documentary, a TV documentary and a TV docuseries. They’re sorting through these talks with some high-powered publicists.

Some students are also being hit up for possible book deals on the shooting. They’ve taken meetings with publishers, but nothing’s been inked just yet.

Unclear what kind of money is being discussed for a documentary, but any funds would either go directly to March For Our Lives or toward gun control advocacy efforts.


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