Former School Secretary ‘Raped 15-Year-Old Boy After Flashing Her Boobs In Bid To Seduce Him’

Former School Secretary 'Raped 15-Year-Old Boy After Flashing Her Boobs In Bid To Seduce Him'

A former school secretary has been accused of raping a 15-year-old boy after flashing her breasts and bum to try and seduce him.

Kristal Gamble, 33, allegedly tried to lure the boy to her home and is said to have told him what she would do to him if they had sex.

The teenager told police she exposed her boobs in video calls to him as well as setting the camera so he could “see her butt”.

She also sent him raunchy photos of herself and had sexually-explicit online chats with him, court files say.

He said she seemed drunk during their conversations. The student said Gamble initially offered to be his mentor in Washington state, US.

But their conversations quickly turned flirtatious and they started swapping messages on Facebook, he told detectives.

She allegedly kept asking him to meet her and he took up her offer once, he said.

They met at a Starbucks before Gamble took him to a water park and performed oral sex on him, he told investigators.

Gamble was arrested after the boy’s dad found Facebook messages on his phone.

She has been charged with third degree rape and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

Screen shots of the communications were saved by the student on his phone, prosecutors said.

He said Gamble often appeared to be drunk during their conversations between April and mid-August.

She reportedly told Child Protective Services, who also launched a probe, that she did not remember messaging him.
Court files say: “The defendant initiated an inappropriate relationship with the victim that began with text messages and escalated in to a sexual assault.

“The defendant told investigators that she probably did text the victim while she was intoxicated.”

Gamble is due in court at the end of the month after being given $10,000 bail.


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