Girl Kills Self After Learning Fiancé ‘Was Already Married & Wanted Her As Second Wife’

Girl Kills Self After Learning Fiancé 'Was Already Married & Wanted Her As Second Wife'

A student killed herself after discovering the man she agreed to marry was already married and intended to have her as his polygamous second wife, according to reports.

Danara Kaipova, 20, was found hanged soon after finding out her groom-to-be apparently already had a spouse and two children.

Her devastated mum said her daughter had thought she’d found her true love. Danara was allegedly ‘kidnapped’ from her college in Kazakhstan this summer by wealthy Birzhan Doshakaev, 29.

The act of ‘bride-stealing’ is a barbaric medieval tradition that continues in Kazakhstan and other areas of the former Soviet Union.

Despite being ‘stolen’, she reportedly told her friends and family she loved him and made clear she was happy to marry him after he took her to his home city, Atyrau, where she met his parents.

She agreed to sleep with him before their expected wedding – but at this stage she had no idea he was already married.

However, about four months later she discovered that he had a spouse and children, and intended her to be his polygamous second wife, it was reported.

She was “devastated” and “crushed” by the discovery.

Soon after, she was found hanged.

Police have begun a criminal investigation into whether Danara was forced into suicide by the cruel behaviour of the man she loved.

Danara’s uncle Altai said: “I went to bring back the body of my niece from Atyrau region.

“I submitted a complaint to police.”

He said: “The relatives of this man said nothing at all.”


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