Halima Abubakar Shoots Her ‘Shot’ Again

Halima Abubakar Shoots Her 'Shot' AgainHalima Abubakar Shoots Her 'Shot' Again

Hali isn’t calming down at all, and determined, well maybe not too determined to take a revenge on her friends who neglected her when she was at a point of almost dying. She has left the spot now and only goes for checkups until last week that she revealed she was again hospitalized for two weeks.  (We pray God totally heals her) but Hlima is shooting her shot again!!!

Few days ago, she called Susan Peters out, Now Hali is on the gram and WRITING again! She wrote;

”Halima Don’t complain about who did you wrong and how unfair it was. If it were going to keep you from your destiny, God would not have permitted it. Shake it off and get ready for new doors to open, for new opportunities.πŸ•ΆπŸ’ΌπŸ₯‚ @habibiluxuryitems”

Halima Abubakar Shoots Her 'Shot' Again


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