How Corporate Guys Are Taking Over Ibadan

How Corporate Guys Are Taking Over Ibadan

Lol, i love this LL reader so much. Well, she gave it as a gist, but we have to help reform it, loool. So the gist in IB City right now is that corporate ‘foreign’ boys are the ones taking over the city. When I mean corporate foreign boys, it simply means, guys from Owerri, Port Harcourt, Lagos and some other states far away from Ibadan. This guys get jobs at big companies in Ibadan and have no choice than to relocate to the city and have been ruling.

According to the sender, our favorite girl tho, every Ibadan gist you see, 90% is from her, she says Ladun you have so many fans in Ibadan, for real? I was thinking it’s Lagos, Abuja and PH mostly o, and yea ofcourse the world entirely, we global loool (shows teeth). So she says these guys who are mostly married, never comes to the State with their families, because they only mostly have few years to stay before they apply for another job else where, and they earn between N1.5m to N3m monthly. They rent the best apartments, furnish them and hold parties even during the week. There is always one celebration or the other, and it’s mostly within them.

They are big, they spend money like there’s no tomorrow in clubs the source said. They can be found at clubs like, Mauve 21, Appollos, De Rock, Infinities, Platinum and 411. At weekends you find them at Agodi gardens exploring the fun spot.

When asked about their relationships with IB girls, our source said, they mostly just date them, and really do not keep them. Ladun they are not yoruba boys, they are igbos and the likes and all they want is fun, while still spoiling the girls with money. So there you have it, corporate foreign boys are the ones topping Ibadan at the moment…. Hehehe…


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