I Almost Committed Suicide In 2017- Owen Gee

I Almost Committed Suicide In 2017- Owen Gee

Here’s how Akeem Lasisi who witnessed Owen Gee talk puts it;

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to think that a comedian is the happiest person on earth. The way he makes other people to laugh and forget their sorrows, at least temporarily, will tempt one to think that there is no yoke upon his soul.

But Lagos-based humour merchant, Owen Gee, will not encourage anyone to harbour this thought for long. His  personal story is instructive enough in this regard. Here is a comedian who contemplated suicide in 2017 when he was pushed to the wall by thorny circumstances.

“I have had suicidal tendencies,” he said. “Last year, I tried several things, but they did not work out. It was not because the ideas were bad, but the people I was working with just didn’t let them work out. Then anxiety and depression set in.

“It was then I realised that no drug could calm depression. There was hardly anyone I didn’t take. There was a time I was sleeping on drugs. There was a particular yellow tablet that, if I took it on Tuesday, on Wednesday I would only be prompted to barely wake up, eat and go back to sleep even before I finished eating. I would not wake up until Thursday.”

Owen Gee narrated the experience on Sunday during the unveiling of Live and not Die, an initiative aimed at stemming the tide of suicide in the country. With Kunle Pelemo as the convener, the programme held in Lagos encouraged several professionals to share their experiences  while experts proffered solutions to depression.

According to Pelemo, suicide is so rampant that the World Health Organisation affirmed that it is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. WHO, he added, noted that about a million people committed suicide annually. Pelemo thus believes that it is important to take a conscious and sustained effort to tackle the menace.


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