I Protested When My Husband Was Named Kakanfo Of Yorubaland – Gani Adams’s Wife

I Protested When My Husband Was Named Kakanfo Of Yorubaland – Gani Adams's Wife

Erelu Mojisola Adams is the wife of the15th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams. In this interview with Eric Dumo, the mother of two shared some of the remarkable experiences that have shaped their marriage

Your husband is the new Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, a position former holders were said to have died mysteriously, do you nurse any fear in this regard?

Initially, when I heard the news, I asked him not to accept the title because of the myth surrounding the position. Nobody wants to be a widow at a young age, so I protested. But when we discussed, he explained the true state of things to me and made me realise that all those sayings were mere superstitions. He made a lot of useful points that changed my mind and I had to support him eventually. God is the owner of life; He’ll do as He wishes. So, no fear at all.

Otunba Adams wears only white clothes, is there a particular reason for this and have you ever tried to make him change this?

His choice of white clothes is a reflection of how much he believes in holiness. It is not as if something bad will happen to him if he puts on another colour, his decision is purely informed by his attachment of white to holiness.

As a matter of fact, what people don’t know is that my husband is a prayer warrior. A lot of times, we hold vigil in the house and he’ll be the one to lead us in prayer; I am talking about Christian prayers. On his own, he sometimes prays throughout the night with the Bible or Quran because he believes there is only one God. His passion and energy for prayer amaze me.


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