If Chloe Green Didn’t Have A Dollar I Would Still Be With Her- Jeremy Meeks

If Chloe Green Didn't Have A Dollar I Would Still Be With Her- Jeremy Meeks

Oh Meeks, Meeks Meeks, looool. Model Jeremy Meeks insists his love for Topshop heiress Chloe Green is the real thing. In his first ever interview the so-called “Hot Felon” breaks his silence over claims that he is after her billionaire dad Sir Philip Green’s fortune.

He gushes once… about 26-year-old Chloe, telling me: “It’s true love.”

Then he gushes again… this time about Sir Philip, adding: “He is amazing. I have a lot of love for him.”

And Jeremy even tells how fashion mogul Sir Philip has welcomed him into one of Britain’s wealthiest families despite his past in a violent US gang.

Jeremy is the 33-year-old married convict who shot to modelling fame after his police mugshot went viral – and he became dubbed the Hot Felon. He met Chloe on the showbiz party circuit and they fell in love over the summer.

Now he talks openly to the Sunday Mirror about life, love, mistakes – and his new-found respect for Chloe’s family.

Jeremy stops short of confirming rumours that he and Chloe are engaged. He has served divorce papers but is still married to Melissa, with whom he has son, Jeremy Jnr, and two step children.

But he says: “I’ve never been happier in my life than right now. We’ve found love, we’re in love and we are very happy.

“I love Chloe for her and if she didn’t have a dollar I wouldn’t give a sh*t because we’re so happy.

“Her dad has never questioned me on my past or made me feel uncomfortable and I’m not scared of what he thinks of me because he knows his daughter.
“He knows her and he knows that if she’s in love she won’t have chosen someone who isn’t right. I never had a father figure growing up because my dad got a life sentence for murder when I was only nine months old.

“He’s actually recently been released and I haven’t seen him but now I would really like to one day.”

Jeremy – jailed in 2009 for stealing and again in 2014 for gun law violations and resisting arrest – tells how he and Chloe have grown close with one ­another’s families. His gang tattoos and bad boy image are belied by his gentle demeanour. He says: “I have met all of her family and she has met mine.

“My friends love her, my family love her and I love her family. We’ve had a lot of good times together with her mom and her dad. I had met her mom before but the first time I met Philip was at the Prince Albert Foundation dinner.

“I talked to him on the phone before but meeting him was great. He is an amazing man – he’s been very loving and caring.

“He loves his family and would do anything for them – he is a very respectable man and I have a lot of love for him. He’s a really good guy.”

If Chloe Green Didn't Have A Dollar I Would Still Be With Her- Jeremy Meeks


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