I’m Not Dating Ghanaian Actor James Gardiner, Yet To Reveal My Bae- Ms Meurer

Either you like it or not, Rosaline Meurer remains in the news! She has managed to give herself a better name, away from a side chick, which most people call her. Rosy has been in the news lately, but solely for news around her life. First she escaped a ghastly auto crash unhurt and now news of her bae flooding her social media pages!

Tonto was the first female celebrity that taunted her fans for so long with photos of her bae and named him MR X anonymously on social media before unveiling him to be Churchill. No other female celeb have done that. They mostly keep their men to themselves, or talk about him, but not posting photos and hiding his face with emojis!

But it seems Rosy Meurer is going the way of Ms Dikeh. She has been talking about love and posting loved up photos of herself and bae on snapchat covering his face from the world.

Anyways, a Ghanaian blogger painstakingly took out time to find out who the bae is, and revealed him as – Ghanaian actor, James Gardiner! Only for a fan to congratulate Meurer and she went like; oh he just acted as bae on my snap, I am yet to unveil the real bae. Really? who does that? Lol. Find the convo below…


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