Ireland Lifts Good Friday Alcohol Ban

Ireland Lifts Good Friday Alcohol Ban

For almost a century, selling alcohol had been banned on Good Friday – a legacy of Ireland’s Christian traditions.

But in January 2018 the Irish parliament passed new legislation which means this year will be different.

So what’s the story for 2018? And who stands to gain from the change?

Pubs in the Republic will welcome Easter revellers from 10:30 until closing time at 00:30.

Off-licences may see some changes too, with fewer booze-desiring customers stocking up a day in advance.

Good Friday is traditionally a popular time for house parties in the Republic, as friends and loved ones gather at home instead of the local boozer. But with the pub doors suddenly open, some may decide they’d rather skip the washing-up.

It’s good news for tourists seeking a tipple too. On Good Fridays past, hapless foreigners unaware of the drinks ban could be found wandering the streets of Dublin in a futile search for a pint. The most dedicated were even spotted boarding trains or ferries to exploit an infamous loophole – the on-board bar.


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