It Will Be A TRAGEDY If PDP Rules Nigeria Again- Lai

It Will Be A TRAGEDY If PDP Rules Nigeria Again- Lai

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, in this interview culled from Vanguard, not sure if Vanguard carried out the interview, but it was culled from their page, says it will be a TRAGEDY if PDP ever rules Nigeria again. The question asked and his answer all below….

Are you by anyway afraid that your government may not go beyond 2019 and the PDP may regain power as the ruling party? 

As to whether we are afraid of the PDP staging a comeback, I can confidently tell you that we are not even contemplating it. It will be a tragedy for Nigeria to fall back into the hands of PDP. They dropped us in hell and we are taking people out of hell. How can Nigeria now go back to Egypt? It is not about APC or President Buhari. With the kind of revelation that is coming out, the kind of rot, you want those people to come back and preside over the affairs of Nigeria again? What will happen to the investigations that were carried out if the PDP should win elections again? It will be swept under the carpet. This is the first time in the history of this country that we are making real recoveries. Nigeria should never ever pray for PDP to come back.


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