Libya Returnees Reject N1k Transport Allowance

Libya Returnees Reject N1k Transport Allowance

The protests by some Libya returnees continued on Wednesday morning when they rejected the N1,000 transportation allowance given to them by the Edo State government.

Several people also stormed the premises of the Benin Motel Plaza where the returnees were lodged to find their lost relatives.

Those looking for their relatives peeped through the fence to look for their love ones. A woman, who gave her name as Boss, said she was looking for her brother named Aminu.

The woman said she last heard from him in September 2016 and was still at the premises at the time of filing this report. The returnees said it was sad they were still wearing the prison uniforms given to them in Libya.

They said announcement by the Federal Government that Nigerians should return home made Libyan policemen to arrest those living comfortably in the country.


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