Lol Court Declares ORO Illegal In Ogun

Lol Court Declares ORO Illegal In Ogun

Most of you probably don’t know what ORO is, thanks to my Grandpa’s hometown, i have witnessed it at least once lmaoo. Was so scary… Now this human-spirit called ORO do not see women eye to eye, the woman automatically dies. And it’s even said that a man has to be strong spiritually before he can take a look at the human-spirit. Well an Ogun state High court has now declared the daytime parade of Oro festival and its restriction of people’s movement as illegal.

The court ordered that Oro festival or ritual can only be celebrated between midnight and 4 a.m, subject to the approval and an undertaking to maintain peace. Justice Sikiru Owodunni, who delivered the judgment, also ordered that Oro worshippers have no constitutional power to impose curfew on the people.

The suit was filed by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Muslim Ummah in Ipokia against the town’s Oro worshippers.


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