Man Raised By Wolves Says He’s Disappointed With Human Life

Man Raised By Wolves Says He's Disappointed With Human Life
Lobatan! You see how wicked humans are for a man to say he prefers to live with animals than men? Chai!
A man who was raised by wolves in a cave for 12 years has admitted that he feels disappointed with human life. Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja was dubbed the Mowgli of Spain when he was found by authorities.
But the former wolf boy says he struggles with the coldness of the human world and wishes he could go back to living with the animals.
Rodríguez was 19 when he was discovered living in Spain’s Sierra Morena mountain range.

He had been living among wolves for 12 years and was found running around barefoot and half-naked – only using grunts for communication.
But the now 72-year-old lives in a small, cold house and said his last happy memories are of his childhood with the animals.
Rodríguez found himself living with the wolves when he was left without parents.
His mother passed away when he was three and his dad went to live with another woman.
They took him to the mountains to replace a goatherd who looked after 300 animals – but while he was taught how to make a fire and utensils, the man disappeared or died leaving seven-year-old Rodríguez alone.
The mountain’s animals were his only company and just like in the Jungle Book story, the wolf cubs accepted him as a brother.


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