Man Who Strangled Woman To Death During S*x Is Jailed for Six Years

Man Who Strangled Woman To Death During S*x Is Jailed for Six Years

A man who killed a 20-year-old drunk woman he met on a night out after strangling her during sex has been jailed for six years.

Mark Bruce, 32, choked Chloe Miazek at his flat in Aberdeen – nine days before she would have turned 21.

Bruce earlier admitted culpable homicide, and was jailed today at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The pair had met in the early hours of the morning after separate nights out in the city on November 3 last year.
Chloe, of Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, had been drinking with friends before being thrown out of a nightclub because she was drunk.

She walked to a bus stop where Bruce, who had also been drinking heavily, arrived just moments after leaving a nearby pub.

They struck up a conversation before heading to his flat.

The High Court in Aberdeen was told that the pair had a “shared interest” in “erotic asphyxation” – and that Chloe had died in “seconds” after he had seized her neck during sex.

Hours later Bruce was seen on CCTV leaving his flat and wandering the streets for over an hour before walking to Rosemount Police Station where he buzzed an intercom and said: “I’ve done something terrible.”

In a previous hearing, advocate depute Jo McDonald said an officer asked him to clarify and he said: “I’ve killed someone. There’s a female in my bed.”

She said: “His explanation is he placed his hands around her neck during sexual intercourse and the evidence is consistent with that.

“The evidence suggests death is likely to have been quick – seconds rather than minutes.

“The extent of the injuries suggested not much force being used.

“During a medical examination the accused indicated to the doctor they had had intercourse around 3.30am and the forensic findings confirm that.”

Bruce had originally faced a charge of murder.


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