Marriage Not Responsible For My Limited Movie Roles –Uche Jombo-Rodriguez

Marriage Not Responsible For My Limited Movie Roles –Uche Jombo-Rodriguez

Actress, Uche Jombo, has refuted claims that her 2012 marriage to a Puerto Rican, Kenney Rodriguez, has affected her acting career.

Last year, it was rumoured that the union, which is blessed with a son, was in trouble, but the actress quickly addressed the issue on her Instagram page, pleading with bloggers to stop spreading negative news.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the actress said the decision to choose movie roles carefully had nothing to with her marriage. She said, “Marriage didn’t stop me from acting regularly. Even before I tied the knot, I had already started selecting projects I do. I choose my projects now because I am not interested in being in every film again. Also, if people cannot see that I am good for a certain role, I don’t need to convince anyone at my level. I have been acting for 18 years and I have matured in the business. I got into acting at a young age, but I need more time to promote the projects I do and still focus on my marriage.”

Despite featuring as a women leader in a new movie, Dr. Mekam, Jombo says she doesn’t have plans to venture into politics. “My best friend in Nollywood, Desmond Elliot, is already a politician and do I like him since he became a politician? I cannot say. I don’t have plans for politics, but I will still be vocal about Nigerian politics.

“I feel the way politics works all over the world has a lot to do with acting and I am already an actor. I don’t think I want to be acting in my real life. Politicians literally act when they should take it as a profession,” she said.

Speaking on her role in Dr. Mekam, she explained, “There are many people that look at Nigerian politics from afar and think they can do better.  They don’t understand that Nigerian politics is beyond one’s intention or what you think you can bring to the table. It generally has to do with how you can position yourself to arrive at your destination, but Dr. Mekam (a role played by Kalu Ikeagwu) does not know this. He thinks he can just come into politics, tell people his dreams and they would hand over the office to him.”


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