Meghan Markle’s ‘Semi-N*de’ Photos Splashed On The Internet

Meghan Markle's 'Semi-N*de' Photos Splashed On The Internet

Two or three years ago, when I see a thing like this, I just say, ‘aww this is why it’s good for a lady to live a decent life, and not in anyway take n3de photos, bla bla’, but today, I have a different view, lol. Why is it that it is when someone tries to break a boundary that another person will stand up and send some ‘evil’ people her gossip/n3de photos just for them to smash on the internet to spoil her joy? I now call them KILL JOY. Awon wicked jealous souls… How come these wasn’t posted years back, now with her wedding on the way to a Prince this comes out? Ha! AIYE LE…

36-year-old Markle is now the latest victim of a n3de photo hack after topless pictures of her appeared on Celeb Jihad, a website known for leaking private and often s3xual celebrity content.

The website posted four photos which appeared to show Markle half-naked. Celeb Jihad claimed that the pictures were a “preview” of the many n3de photos that the website has of Markle. The website threatened to release the rest of the photos unless the United Kingdom and Kensington Palace met their demands, including the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II.

Shortly after the photos hit the internet, Kensington Palace issued a statement to The Blast denying the authenticity of the photos.

“These are fake photographs,”a representative said, adding no further comment.

So we go with them, they are FAKE PHOTOS, nothing more lol.

Meghan Markle's 'Semi-N*de' Photos Splashed On The Internet


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