Mel B Cuts Off Her Ex-Husband’s Name From The Tattoo On Her Body

Mel B Cuts Off Her Ex-Husband's Name From The Tattoo On Her Body

Melanie “Mel B” Brown has permanently and painfully said goodbye to ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

The singer has revealed that she had the tattoo of Belafonte’s name removed from her ribs in a symbolic and dramatic procedure. The body art was a tribute to Belafonte, and had the words, “Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart” tattooed down her side.

While those who have gone down the often-regrettable path of inking a loved ones’ name on them only to split up opt for laser removal or a tattoo cover-up, the former Spice Girl decided on a much more symbolic and dramatic act.

The America’s Got Talent judge, 42, had her ex’s name cut off her by a surgeon and she required 13 stitches. Brown will now need a laser to minimize the incision scar.

Showing off her wound, the singer said she wanted his name off as soon as possible but opted to keep the rest of the tattoo.

“I wanted the tattoo removed to help close the final chapter on a toxic relationship,” Brown said. “Even though I’ve taken the steps to remove Stephen’s name from my body, the domestic abuse will forever remain with me.”

The former Spice Girl and Belafonte finalized their divorce on Dec. 15 after 10 years of marriage. Brown filed for divorce in March.

Mel B Cuts Off Her Ex-Husband's Name From The Tattoo On Her Body


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