Mel B’s Daughter Pens Distressing Letter Pleading To Never See Stephen Belfonte Again

Mel B's Daughter Pens Distressing Letter Pleading To Never See Stephen Belfonte Again

Mel B’s daughter at the centre of a visitation battle with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte has written a distressing letter in which she says she never wants to see him again.

The Spice Girl’s mother Andrea Brown posted the three-page note on Twitter, captioning the post: “A cry for help”.

The letter comes amid the ongoing visitation battle over Angel, who Mel had with actor Eddie Murphy.

Belafonte, 42, says the 10-year old is like his own daughter after having raised her from birth following Scary Spice’s split with the Beverly Hills Cop star before she was born.

Angel’s letter claims he put the family through a “nightmare” before Mel filed for divorce last year putting an end to their volatile ten year marriage.

It reads: “I’m very frightened of Stephen. When he is mad, it’s terrifying.

I never want to see him ever again it’d be like reliving a horrible part of my life.’

“The worst part about the times I lived with him is when I’d try to stop the fights and cursing. When I tried he would say ‘oh shut up’, and I would be so scared I wouldn’t say anything else.

“I witnessed a physical fight. I was lying down in my mother’s room ‘sleeping’. I woke up to a fight,’

“I can’t remember what it was about, but I heard Stephen hitting mommy’s hand, it was hard cause I heard it. Mommy said ‘you snapped my nail off’ so it was hard.’

“I attempted to fake sleep cause I didn’t want to interfere and get hurt. I don’t want to see the man that causes so much damage to my mother leading her living through a nightmare.’

The letter claims that Stephen’s daughter Giselle told Angel that Murphy was her dad when she was five, adding: “Extremely proud of that. I got an amazing relationship with my sisters, brothers, grandma and my father, Eddie Murphy!’

The letter adds: “When I lived with Stephen the rules were the strictest.

“When we ate food, we had to sit on the floor instead of the dinner table.

“He said we would make a mess on the table. I wondered of you make a mess on the dinner table you just clean it up? What’s the point of having a dinner table if you don’t eat on it?

“Stephen never came into my room and when I say never is N.E.V.E.R he was to busy on his computer.

“I’m happy I don’t see him anymore. Now I live in a beautiful house and wait when I lived with Stephen I could never get a dog and guess what!

“Now I have two dogs and a goat! We can eat up an actual dinner table and I can see my REAL dad. I create small picture books and I have no more fear.

I love seeing my real dad! And I loved seeing my mother happy! Not sad!

Please don’t make me see him again – ps Angel.”


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