Mum Of ‘World’s Fattest Baby’ Claims She Thought It Was “Because I Had Good Breast Milk”

Mum Of 'World's Fattest Baby' Claims She Thought It Was

The mum of a boy who could be ‘the world’s fattest baby’ has revealed how she feared his extraordinary weight gain was simply “because I had good breast milk.”

Luis Manuel Gonzales babbles and touches anything within reach like any other 10-month-old.

But he stands out in a stunning – and perhaps life-threatening way – by weighing an incredible 4.4 STONE (28kg). And doctors do not yet know why young Luis Manuel is so huge .

Mexico leads the world in childhood obesity and diabetes, and Gonzales is an extreme example of this unwelcome distinction.

At birth he weighed an average 3.5 kilos (7.7lb), about the same as his brother Mario, who is almost three but is now dwarfed by his baby brother.

At two months of age, Luis weighed 10 kilos.

Over the next eight months he gained a staggering 18 kilos.

Isabel Pantoja, 24, and her husband Mario Gonzales have created a Facebook page and opened a bank account for people to donate money for Luis Manuel’s medical care.

His father earns a little over the equivalent of £151 a month.

“I thought it was because I had good breast milk,” said mum Isabel, speaking in the unpainted cement home where the family lives in Tecoman, in the Pacific coast state of Colima.

They take turns pushing him to the hospital in a decrepit stroller for daily blood tests.

It hurts to watch the nurses search among the rolls of fat on his arms for a vein, said his father, Mario Gonzales.

One of the main hypotheses is that he could have a disease called Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic condition in which children have an insatiable appetite and weak muscle tone, although this boy does not eat voraciously or spend the day demanding food.

The disorder can also cause heart problems and delays in development of the brain and genitals.

Pantoja caresses her son as she recounts that when he was a little more than a month old, the boy had to wear clothes meant for two- or three-year-olds.

Mum Of 'World's Fattest Baby' Claims She Thought It Was

Mum Of 'World's Fattest Baby' Claims She Thought It Was

Mum Of 'World's Fattest Baby' Claims She Thought It Was


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