My Words On Dj Cuppy, A Joke- Ushbebe

My Words On Dj Cuppy, A Joke- Ushbebe

Comedian Ushbebe has said the words he used on Dj Cuppy calling her a bad DJ, was nothing but a JOKE. He emphasized it was not only Dj cuppy that he cracked a joke on and also mentioned others he joked about. According to him, it was a comedy show and people at the show understood and the person that culled out that part alone is only seeking attention. He said;

“I didn’t crack a joke about DJ Cuppy alone; I cracked a joke about over seven people and some others seated in the hall. I don’t understand why people singled out the joke I made on DJ Cuppy. I also talked about Davido who is always dragging envelopes with entertainers despite coming from a rich background.  I attacked Wizkid and Mercy Johnson too. It was a comedy show. When you just take two seconds from a long video and put it online, you are obviously looking for attention and controversies. Something led to that particular video scene online,” he told Sunday scoops.

Ushbebe said he would never take such thing personally if he were in DJ Cuppy’s position, insisting that making people laugh was the essence of a comedy show. “What do you expect to hear at a comedy show? If it was not a joke, people in the audience would not laugh. People attack me too but it has not stopped me from doing my work. Criticisms always make me stronger. I told Efe Money before that he was a bad musician, but he is now a better musician,” he said.


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