Playboy Mansion To Undergo Repairs

Playboy Mansion To Undergo Repairs

The Playboy Mansion desperately needs a fix up, and the work just got approved by the folks who will, most likely, designate Hef’s old crib a city landmark.

The mansion’s new owner, Daren Metropoulos, has been cleared to replace plumbing and to repair dry rot and termite damage.

The city of Los Angeles issued permits for the work earlier this week, but Daren had an extra hurdle due to the push to make it an Historic-Cultural Monument.

City officials say the Monument application is currently under consideration, which means renovations would normally be on hold. The permits were approved in this case because the mansion’s in a bad way, and it was critical for the work to be done ASAP.

Recall Playboy sold the mansion to Metropoulos in 2016 for $100 million, and Hugh Hefner was allowed to live in the crib until he died in September 2017.


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