Prominent Islamic Cleric Criticises Wedding Of Ganduje’s Daughter To Ajimobi’s Son

Prominent Islamic Cleric Criticises Wedding Of Ganduje’s Daughter To Ajimobi’s Son

A prominent Kaduna-based Islamic preacher, Ahmed Gumi, has described the glamorous wedding of Fatima Ganduje and Idris Ajimobi, children of two Nigerian governors, as a disgrace to Islam and parenting in northern Nigeria.

Mr. Gumi also warned the people of Kano to be cautious of what he called the “wrath of God” citing the example of the crisis in Borno State.

President Muhammadu Buhari, prominent politician Bola Tinubu, and many other dignitaries were among hundreds of people who attended the wedding of the son of Governor of Oyo State, Idris Ajimobi, and daughter of Governor of Kano, Fatima Ganduje, on March 3, 2018.

President Buhari sought the hand of the bride on behalf of groom’s family from the ‘guardian’ of the bride, Mr. Tinubu.

The marriage was formalised by Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, after the payment of N50,000 dowry by President Buhari.

About 20 state governors graced the occasion, including chairman of governor’s forum, Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari.

Meanwhile, the wedding also witnessed a flurry of activities both in Kano and Ibadan running for several days.

The newly wedded couple also attracted debates in the polity when a picture of the bridegroom cuddling his wife surfaced on social media.

Mr. Buhari was flayed by critics for attending the event even as bloodletting continued unabated in many states across the nation as a result of herdsmen/farmers clashes.

Days after the event, Mr. Buhari hearkened to critics and has commenced on the spot assessment of the affected states.

In the cleric’s video, the cleric said the bride and groom “did not conduct themselves with decorum and respect” and blamed their parents for not guiding them do the right thing.

He also faulted the punishment meted on Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, for cuddling singer Classiq in a musical video, saying the governor “has justified and legalised such in Kano”.

“Look at what happened in Kano. That thing really upset me. The daughter of the governor cuddling in the presence of people. Yet it was the same state that sanctioned an actress for cuddling someone in a musical video. Now the daughter of the governor has done it which means it is now legal.

“Where is the so-called hisbah in the state? This is the kind of leaders we elect. I am calling on the people of Kano fear Allah. This is the height of immorality and to also remind you of what happened to Borno state. You should not provoke Allah.”

He, however, did not expatiate on his comments on Borno.

In the eight minutes video, the cleric also called on Nigerians to vote in leaders who “have self- respect and respect for the constituted authorities”.

Prominent Islamic Cleric Criticises Wedding Of Ganduje’s Daughter To Ajimobi’s Son

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