Revealed! Late August Ames’ Teacher Used To Send Her N*des While She Was His Student

Revealed! Late August Ames' Teacher Used To Send Her N*des While She Was His Student

Tragic porn star August Ames once confessed that one of her high school teachers used to beg her for naked selfies.

The adult movie actress, who was tragically found dead on Tuesday morning after apparently committing suicide, used to exchange flirty messages and provocative pictures with one of her educators.

The 23-year-old said that nothing happened between her and her teacher as she moved away.

But she said something probably would have happened if they were still in the same place.

She was 19 when she told website Adult DVD Talk : “He was so hot.”

August told the site that the teacher sent her a picture of his penis.

But when asked if anything happened, she said: “No, nothing! He sent it to me the week during exams. We would sext back and forth and then two weeks after school was done, I moved to a different Province. Then he texted me to hang out but nothing ever happened.”

She said something “definitely” would have happened if she hadn’t moved and that she liked the picture he sent her.

“I was always wondering what it looked like,” she confessed.

August also admitted that she used to send pictures to him before heading to his class.

“Well I would send him nudes too,” she said. “I would send them before class just to be a tease.”

August’s cause of death was confirmed by the Ventura County Medical Examiner as asphyxiation due to hanging.

She said that she got into porn after deciding to make some money through modelling.


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