Rosa Salazar’s BF Claims She’s A Horrible Person

Rosa Salazar's BF Claims She's A Horrible Person

Rosa Salazar haunted the crap outta people on “American Horror Story,” but her ex-bf claims she’s way scarier in real life, imagine the guy o, lol.

Sam Setzer filed for a restraining order against Rosa, and in the docs he says she’s been terrorizing him ever since their March 19 breakup.

Sam says Rosa — who played murdered nurse Maria on season 1 of ‘AHS’ showed up at his house around midnight, rang his doorbell and screamed loudly enough to wake his neighbors. He’s pretty confident she was intoxicated.

In the docs, he says Rosa threatened to call cops and lie about him hitting her. Sam says he decided to call cops first, and that’s when Rosa bolted.

Besides that horror show, he says Rosa’s flooded him with calls and texts including one that said, “If pushed I can be a stressful/stressed person.”

He was granted the restraining order which requires her to stay 100 yards away from him.

Interestingly, Sam says they only dated for a month.


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