Singer Gloria Doyle Shares Her Domestic Abuse Ordeal

Singer Gloria Doyle Shares Her Domestic Abuse Ordeal

Gloria Doyle, Remember her? The controversial actress and musician who hugged the headlines due to her controversial lifestyle a while ago.

After a 12-year hiatus, she is back with a bang with a brand new single entitled, Baba Na You which has been making waves on air. In this chat with Entertainer, the single mother opens up on career, domestic violence and her dreams.

For so long you have been off the radar. Where were you and what is new about Gloria Doyle?

I was doing a lot of travelling and concentrating on my kids. The new thing about Gloria Doyle is that I am coming out bigger and stronger. I am dropping new singles, a full album and starting a TV Program christened, Unbroken Wings.

You were a victim of domestic violence in your previous marriage. How did you overcome?

I walked out of it with my children alive and faced the challenges, stigma and relegation of being a single mother. I took the bull by the horns for my children’s sake and never got remarried for my children’s sake as well and I am all good about it. I experienced excessive beatings for no just reason. It was very painful. I really don’t know how to explain in. I told my ex that after three years of marriage, I wanted to return to my music career and he got so mad he just couldn’t stop battering me accusing me, that I only wanted to be let loose. It was a very sad experience for me.

What is your advice to women going through domestic violence and at what point should one leave an abusive relationship?

When a relationship gets to the point of verbal abuse, which leads to physical abuse, if care is not taken, anything could happen so I strongly advice, walk out in peace and not in pieces. I have seen many young women lose their lives because they were unable to let go their abusive husband especially when they depend on their husbands for everything. Women feel very uncomfortable walking out of such relationship because of the stigma attached to being a single mother. I am talking about things like ‘oh, she is a single mother, she separated from her husband, she is a divorcee.’ Please, if you are going through an abusive relationship, separate yourself from it for a while. If it is reconcilable, all good and if it is not reconcilable, each party should move on.


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