Suspect Who Swallowed Drugs While Police Chased Him Refuse To Poo For 37 Days

Suspect Who Swallowed Drugs While Police Chased Him Refuse To Poo For 37 Days

An alleged drug dealer who has refused to have a poo for 37 days is at “risk of death”, his lawyer has warned.

Lamarr Chambers, 24, is accused of gulping down a batch of narcotics as police chased him through Harlow, Essex, on 17 January.

The suspect has been closely watched by two officers in custody since his arrest that day, but he is yet to evacuate his bowels, magistrates were told.

Chambers – who has been eating and drinking in his prison cell – is said to have rejected the offer of laxatives and an X-ray and has broken the previous poo-strike record, which is believed to have been 33 days.

Chelmsford magistrates’ court heard that the situation is “unprecedented” when police applied to extend the custody time limit for Chambers on Friday.

Andrew Horsall, defending, said Chambers has not had any privacy while he has been remanded in custody and argued that the drugs he is allegedly harbouring in his bowels are not necessarily crucial evidence.

He adding: “There’s the potential of something going seriously wrong. We’re in an arena of risk of death.”

Prosecutor Bob Rowlingson said Chambers is “in charge of his fate” and “only has to co-operate with police”.

Magistrates remanded the alleged gang member in custody after deciding that his life is not at risk and his rights have not been infringed, according to the BBC.

Chambers, from Brixton, southwest London, will appear in court for his eighth hearing on Monday charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply a Class A drug, failing to stop and driving without insurance.


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