Tears! Primary School Pupil R*ped Severally By Uncle

Tears! Primary School Pupil R*ped Severally By Uncle

I love the Nigerian police. You might say in some cases, you won’t get justice, but in a case like this, police women usually STAND. Infact before the evil dude is charged to court, he would have been subjected to all forms of abuses from these women who are also mothers. This sad story you are about to read might make you cry, it will WEAKEN you, it will make you see that indeed, the devil is not far from mankind. Do you believe a married man, way older than this victim’s parents subjects her to rape? And the day she refused, the day she said no, it’s enough, the devil brutally tortured her and afterwards raped her again!

Sigh, this man deserves hell, and know, not even God’s hell now (he will get that one after this), I mean a fire set up publicly, and fammm… someone throws him inside. (Awon amo no orun ma lo, sorry to non-yorubas.)

Help however came for the little poor girl when she confessed to her teachers after they saw her bruises and ofcus it was also reported on Facebook by one Joe Israel. Joe Israel is ready to spend his last penny on this case and God will make evil far away from him and his family. Ofcourse, if Joe is reading this, he knows we have also got his back incase anything wants to go wrong. We are here for the good!! Justice for Chiamaka!!! The heartbreaking post below…

Yesterday 4th December, I was called to a situation that made me wept right here in the city of Warri, Nigeria. Chiamaka have been severally harassed and raped by her uncle. Last week, this little girl declined and was brutally tortured to almost stupor by this callous uncle.
After much beaten, she succumb and was again raped with blood gushing out of her body. She could hardly go to school with her tattered uniform and excruciating pains from both the rape and torture she got from this animal called uncle. When she opened her body yesterday, with marks of wire all over her back, chest and stomach, and narrated her ordeal to her teacher, the school immediately called the police.

The uncle was apprehended and his wife who is an elder sister to Chiamaka’s mother surprisingly was ignorant of this wickedness perpetuated by her husband. I guess you can’t look at her private part without a lion heart… You can’t but cry.

Thanks to the Nigerian police (QRS) as their investigations keeps on inspiring us and we shall pursue this case to a reasonable conclusion to ensure justice is done. We had to admit this young girl who could barely walk at the hospital yesterday.

Why this rapes and sexual harassment against the girl child? Why this gender violence against this child. It was as if I should just execute this idiot but the law must take her course even if my last penny will go for it.

Better future still awaits this young girl and like Oprah Winfrey she will definitely bounce back greater.

God bless Nigeria.


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