Trump’s Ex-Wife Claims Rape Allegations During Divorce Were Down To The Lawyers

Trump's Ex-Wife Claims Rape Allegations During Divorce Were Down To The Lawyers

Ivana Trump has claimed that rape allegations she made against Donald Trump during her divorce was just “lawyers’ stuff”.

In divorce court documents Ivana, now 68, said her husband raped her in revenge for encouraging him to get surgery to cover up a bald spot.

But appearing on Good Morning Britain, she insisted this wasn’t the case. Susanna Reid asked Ivana – the first wife of President Donald Trump and mother to Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric – how her husband of 15 years treated women.

“He treated me fantastic I never had a problem, always polite always outspoken,” she said. “During divorce it was nasty because lawyers were involved once it was over we became friends,” she said.

When Susanna quizzed her about her previous allegations, she answered: “It was the lawyers’ stuff, he never touched me badly no screaming slamming the doors it was just question of the money.”

In a 1993 biography of Trump written by Harry Hurt III, entitled Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J Trump, H urt referred to a court deposition submitted as par of Donald and Ivana’s divorce case in 1990.

In it she recounted a harrowing scene, claiming he had “violently assaulted” her as revenge for her encouraging him to have painful surgery to cover up a bald spot.

According to the book, Trump held Ivana’s arms and pulled fistfuls of hair from her scalp, crying: “Your f*****g doctor has ruined me”.

He is then alleged to have raped her – although she later said it wasn’t rape “in the criminal sense”.

Ivana, was a former model and athlete from Czechoslovakia.

She married Trump in New York during Easter of 1977.

During their highly publicised divorce in 1991, the former model made the rape allegation following a high-profile affair between the billionaire and actress Marla Maples.

During a sworn deposition, she claimed she was raped by the reality TV star three years previously.

Ivana said she still talks to Trump frequently – but doesn’t want to get in his wife Melania’s way.


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