Ubi Franklin Speaks On Tekno, Sunday Are Fued, What Realy Happened

Ubi Franklin Speaks On Tekno, Sunday Are Fued, What Realy Happened

Sunday Are and Tekno had a feud in Dubai, you read it here yesterday when Mr Are spoke out. Today, Tekno’s management headed by Ubi Franklin i also speaking out. But you know Ubi, he will never add fire. Here’s what Ubi has to say;

“I was there. Tekno had an issue with Sunday Are and the atmosphere became really tense.

“The truth is I don’t want to talk about it because we have settled it amicably and we have all moved on. It is a ‘dead’ issue. I don’t want to make it sound like I am the one trying to bring it up again. You know my responsibility is to chase after money.”

According to him, it is normal for artistes to fight each other, but they will always settle it in the long run.

“If they want to fight, they should fight. When they are done fighting, we will still come together and make money. My work is to make money even while they are fighting,” he added.

Speaking on why Tekno didn’t win an award at this year’s AFRIMA, he said, “I respect AFRIMA a lot and I have found out that AFRIMA is basically about voting. It is possible that we didn’t ask people to vote at our end.

“You know in Nigeria, a lot of people don’t like to vote for awards; they don’t like to canvass for votes. I think musicians, who canvassed for votes, were the ones who won. It doesn’t mean that those who won are better than the artistes who didn’t win.”


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