Want To Know The Best Sex Positions To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy? Need A Boy Or Girl? READ

Want To Know The Best Sex Positions To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy? Need A Boy Or Girl? READ

When trying to have a baby people go to great lengths to give themselves the best chance – and changing how you have sex could help.

You may have heard that some positions are better than others when it comes to increasing your chance of conceiving, and while there’s no actual evidence to back this up we can apply some common sense.

BabyCentre has looked into what experts have recommended after they used scanners to show what’s going on inside us when we’re doing the deed.

What positions are best?

The research looked at two positions; the missionary position and doggy style.

Both positions apply for deeper penetration, which means the sperm is more likely to be right next to your cervix (the opening of the womb).

Scans showed the tip of the penis reaches between the cervix and vaginal walls in both of the positions the experts looked at. For missionary it allows it to reach the area at the front of the cervix, for doggy style is reaches the back of the cervix.

Other positions also recommended include the woman standing up or the woman on top as both appear to be good at getting the sperm right next to the cervix.

Of course this is still guess work as it’s just based off scans.

Do you have to orgasm to conceive?

When it comes to men, we’d say it was pretty essential, but it’s not actually necessary for a woman to orgasm for them to conceive.

Unfortunately it doesn’t make it anymore likely that the sperm will get to the egg. Gentle contractions can help the sperm along its way, but these happen naturally without an orgasm.

Are there better sex positions that help you conceive a boy or girl?

There’s nothing but wives’ tales to go on when it comes to whether a sex position determines if you have a boy or girl.

Some claim if the woman is on top you’ll have a girl, while sex with the man on top will lead to a boy.

Should you lay down after sex?

Again, there’s no evidence this actually helps. Of course the semen is more likely to stay in your vagina and around the cervix than if you get up.

Bear in mind there’s millions of sperm released every time a man orgasms, so there’s plenty anyway regardless if you get up.

Some people recommend you stay in bed for up to half an hour after having sex. People also recommend women lie on their back with the hips raised using a pillow. If your doctor has advised you to empty your bladder straight after sex do not do this.

Another idea is to lie on your back and cycle your legs in the air. You only need to do this for a few minutes. Though again, no proof.


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