When Dj Cuppy Rode Her Dad’s Rolls Royce [Photo]

When Dj Cuppy Rode Her Dad's Rolls Royce [Photo]

Thanks to Instagram, we now know most of the things that goes on in the lives of ‘who is who’ in the Nigerian society, lol. So DJ Cuppy’s dad is probably out of town (he should be home in Nigeria) and Cuppy decided to ‘steal’ his car out, lol. She posted a photo of herself with the expensive machine and wrote;

”When the cat is not around the mouse has a field day! 🐱🐁 Driving Papa’s car today 🤫 Shhh, don’t tell him!”

Her sister, Temi however commented on her post laughing her ass off! Good to come from a wealthy background? Oh yes! LOL.


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