Woman Kills Best Friend Hours After Taking Fantastic Selfie & Posting Online

Woman Kills Best Friend Hours After Taking Fantastic Selfie & Posting Online

With a black belt around her waist, Cheyenne Rose Antoine smiles as she captures a selfie with her best friend Brittney Gargol in a kitchen.

The pals appear to be in good spirits, but just hours after the snap was posted online, 18-year-old Brittney was found with fatal injuries on a road.

Chillingly, the same belt was discovered beside her body.

A key piece of evidence in the case, the accessory is believed to have been used as a weapon by Antoine to kill the teenager in Saskatchewan, Canada.

This week, the 21-year-old was locked up for seven years after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of her best friend.

Police in Saskatoon say the selfie – uploaded to Facebook just six hours before Brittney was found – was instrumental in the investigation.

Showing Antoine wearing the belt that was later discovered beside her friend’s body, the image led to her being a suspect in the case.

A court heard that the killing occurred in March 2015. On the night in question, Antoine was drinking alcohol and using drugs, it was said.

Brittney was found fatally injured on the road near Cedar Villa Estates, south of Saskatoon, by a passerby in the earlyhours of the morning.

Her body was reportedly cold and she had no shoes on.

An autopsy found she died of strangulation.

It was two years later that Antoine was arrested and charged with second-degree murder over the death.

She was due to appear for a preliminary hearing on Monday.

However, she pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for seven years.

In a statement via her lawyer, Antoine said she would “never forgive” herself.

But is seven years not too small for taking another woman’s life. I think living behind the bars for life would have been more appropriate. She denied her a right to live, she shouldn’t live too.


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