Woman Who Cut Baby From Pregnant Neighbour’s Womb Sentenced

Woman Who Cut Baby From Pregnant Neighbour's Womb Sentenced

A woman who killed her pregnant neighbour by cutting the baby from her womb has apologised for the crime as she was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Brooke Crews, who was convicted of murder, told a court she wished she could take the pain away from the victim’s family.

The details of how 22-year-old Savanna Greywind bled to death after Crews cut her were revealed for the first time at a hearing in North Dakota.

Crews, 38, had pleaded guilty to the crime, which officials had previously described as a “cruel and vicious act of depravity”.

In tears, Crews read out a statement in court, which said: “There is no excuse. There is no rationalisation. There is nothing.”

Ms Greywind, who is of Native American descent and lived in Fargo, disappeared on 19 August when she was eight months pregnant after leaving her family home to visit a neighbour.

Hundreds of people, including groups of Native Americans from nearby areas, helped to search for the missing woman.

After an eight-day search, the nursing assistant’s body was found wrapped in plastic in a river by kayakers, without the baby.

The infant was found at Crews’s house in good health. DNA confirmed it was Ms Greywind’s daughter.

The father of the baby expressed his grief at discovering how his girlfriend, who had lived in Fargo, had died. Ashton Matheny said the facts “tore me apart”.

The victim’s mother said she was pleased that her killer had received the toughest possible sentence.

Norberta Lafontaine-Greywind called the acts against her daughter “beyond evil” in a statement in court, adding that she has suffered nightmares since.

Her husband, Joe Greywind said they were finding it “near impossible” to heal, after the tragic events.


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