Woman Who Shaves Daily Grows “Hipster Beard” After Ditching The Razor When She Found Love

Woman Who Shaves Daily Grows

A woman has revealed how she now has the confidence to grow a “hipster beard” after a decade of shaving her face.

Nova Galaxia, who has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), has been bullied for years, but has now found love with a stunning model, a woman tho.

Ash Byrd, 25, instantly accepted a date with Nova, 26, who made an approach after seeing the model in a fashion show.

Nova says: “I love her beard. It’s a part of us as a couple now. Yes people do stop and stare at us, watch us walk down the street and ask Nova random questions to determine her gender, but she’s never been happier and that makes me proud.

Woman Who Shaves Daily Grows

Woman Who Shaves Daily Grows


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