Yo! Oprah’s Campaign Materials Are Out [Photos]

Yo! Oprah's Campaign Materials Are Out [Photos]

For those ready to hop on the Oprah for President train, even though she hasn’t announced she’s running, the time is now to make it official by scooping up some merch to wear or plaster on your car!

A quick search for Oprah 2020 gear online will lead you to so many items for sale already. Items such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, buttons, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, pencils, glassware, handmade bags and even more are all up for sale for those willing to support Oprah in 2020!

Some of the clothing items even suggest a running mate for Oprah, which is Tom Hanks! Who thinks this is a good push for Oprah? Americans can be deceiving just like Nigerians too, lol. They see a capable hand, they urge him/her on, when it’s time to vote, they vote for the corrupt one, or is it rigging? LOL. Two more photos please…

Yo! Oprah's Campaign Materials Are Out [Photos]


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