You Are Yet To Fight Corruption If You Don’t Prosecute Obasanjo, Kalu To Buhari

You Are Yet To Fight Corruption If You Don't Prosecute Obasanjo, Kalu To Buhari

Ex-Abia State Governor Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to convince Nigerians of his anti- corruption war by probing former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the multi-million naira he allegedly wasted on power projects.

He said Buhari should arrest Obasanjo for Nigerians to believe he is fighting corruption.

Kalu said: “Unless Buhari arrests Obasanjo, anti-corruption war has not started.”

He spoke yesterday in Abuja while delivering a paper on the topic: ‘Culture, Economy and Good Governance: The Nigerian Experience’, at a quarterly public lecture organised by the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO).

The event was held at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Abuja.

Kalu dismissed his trial by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as political, saying it was one of the consequences of his fight against Obasanjo’s third term agenda.

Said he: “I was the first governor to make his account public. That EFCC is trying me is political and it is because I fought the third time agenda of Obasanjo. If there is opportunity tomorrow to fight third term, I will fight it. If President Buhari wants to be president for life, I will never support him again. The people knew my account in Abia is open and transparent. The US, UK and China know and they give me red carpet each time I am in those countries. That is a statement of fact.

“In fact, I am stronger to fight corruption than President Buhari because he is not fighting it well. I am stronger to recoup people’s money and return it to them. I am a creator of wealth at any level from when I was in the university. If any court pronounces that I am corrupt, I should be jailed. A corrupt politician or a judge is like an armed robber.”


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