Your MCM Has Stolen A Phone [Photos]

Your MCM Has Stolen A Phone [Photos]Your MCM Has Stolen A Phone [Photos]

Whose MCM is this? Hehehe… I am laughing because people have to be contented in life. No be by force to use BIG phone, lol. So your MCM identified as Seun Ajayi Hicks went to a church for the first time in December, 2017 and stole a member’s Samsung Grand Prime phone.

By the time it was evening unsmart Seun removed the person’s sim and put his. Immediately, it was transmitted to the phone’s back up and that was how they got his number. Police however started a manhunt for him, but were unlucky until he was nabbed this week. That’s Seun posing high in the first photo and Seun at the police station in the second photo. Hopefully he will get a light judgement. Sorry man! Let’s all learn to be contented in life!


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