Erick Rush – New Age Voyage (Mixtape Tracklist)

Erick Rush – New Age Voyage (Mixtape Tracklist)

Erick Rush Readies New Age Voyage Mixtape – Shares Tracklist.

2016 Couldn’t have ended on a higher note for Erick Rush. He dropped Swoosh, finished his marketing degree, and then laid down 3 classic verses on Nasty C’s album Bad Hair which stole the hearts of hip hop heads worldwide.

Rather than staying in South Africa for the rest of the year. He decided to take a trip back home to Alberta, a trip he calls his #NewAgeVoyage.

The concept picks up right after #BadHair’s release, then goes on to songs like All Access and Memory Foam that talk about being in your city and all the shenanigans that goes with being back at home with your day ones and people who watched you grow up.

Songs like Mama’s House and All Ball speak on the emotions and frustration one goes through and the sacrifices one has to make in order to keep his dream alive. It ends with Erick returning to South Africa with No Apologies getting ready to level up in 2017.

Peep the tracklist after the jump:

01: Intro
02: Celebration (Feat. Nolan Ryan & Danny Cash)
03: Lord Have Mercy (Feat. Rowlene)
04: Hold It Down – DOWNLOAD
05: Shot Callers
06: All Access
07: Memory Foam (Feat. Tellaman) – DOWNLOAD
08: Red Bone (Feat. Nolan Ryan & Purffy)
09: Mama’s House (Feat. Rowlene)
10: All Ball
11: No Apologies

12: Ali (Feat. Sibo)
13: Buss It – DOWNLOAD


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