How To Cook Okra Soup Popularly Known As Ebira Epehu Soup.

How To Cook Ebira Epehu Soup Popularly Known As Okra Soup.

I reseived so many emails just as usuall from this site readers {maily ebira women}that i should take my time to teach or write to teach them how to cook soup mainly cooked in Ebira land so i decided to write on Gorigo soup but it was too cost for me a hustler so i cooked an Epehu soup last Night so i decide to share the experience with our ladies. Ish.

Epehu soup is one of the most popular Nigerian soup, I like this soup because it is very easy to prepare and likely the cheapest soup in Nigeria, I remember making a pot of (Okra) Okro soup with just two hundred and fifty Naira, more like a one dollar soup.

I used frozen fish, Okra and some other ingredients to prepare the soup, then you could buy a good frozen fish with just forty or fifty Naira, I am talking about the “good old days.

Epehu soup {Okra} is one of the most common soups eaten by the people of Ebira, Yoruba and Igbo, often it is combined with ogbono for best result in Igbo land.

There are several reasons why I like this soups above other Nigerian soups, the most outstanding reason being that kids love it, I learned that the best way to introduce eba or fufu or Uka {Amala} or Iya to kids is to serve with Epehu soup,, this way it would be very easy for them to swallow, I have tried it and found that it works perfectly. with ny younger ones.

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Epehu is also good for adults, as a matter of fact I just made a pot of Epehu soup before writing this, a very small quantity that would serve for this night, it is Monday night here in Nigeria. I like this soup because the two major ingredients are very rich in vitamins (okra {Epehu] and fluted pumpkin)
So lets make a delicious pot of Nigerian, or Ebira Peoples Okra soup, The exact way an Igbo woman would like to make it, Did I tell you that Okra is one of the most popular soup in Igbo land especially from April to July, its exact harvest season.

Below is the list of ingredients that was used in the process, you can always increase or reduce depending on the number of the person you are looking to feed and of course their stomach sizes and you know as a student we all need to manage money in school so Epehu soup is the best for us lol.

Ingredients For Okra (Okro) soup

Okra {Epehu] (a medium size bowl full)
Fluted Pumpkin leaves (as desired) optional – I don’t use it.
Stock fish head (medium size)
1 kg of meat (beef, chicken, turkey, etc)
2 medium sizes of dry fishes (optional)
Or Roasted fish (optional)
2 to 3 cubes of Maggi or knorr (seasoning)
Salt and pepper to taste.
10 to 15cl Red oil
half cup of ground crayfich
Note: I as a person don’t eat Maggi so i prefer locust beans; Une in Ebira Language and Iru in Yoruba language.

Epehu Soup Preparation In Ebiraland Nigeria

Slice the okra and set aside in a bowl, the trader in most Nigerian markets can assist you with slicing the okra, but you can also try using a kitchen knife, I like to slice Okra myself, although there is no harm in using the help of the market women.

If you want to make this soup with just frozen fish, the process is a little bit simpler than using cow meat. You will need to parboil the fish with all the necessary ingredients for five to ten minutes. Then pick out with a fork leaving the extract (water from fish after cooking) in the pot, add two cups of water also, then the hot-water-washed stock fish and dry fish.

But if you are making this soup with cow meat you would want to parboil the meat with all necessary ingredients, I like to parboil meat with lots of ingredients and then use very few ingredients while making the real soup, it is likely that the whole ingredient would be left in the meat extract (meat water) after parboiling. Parboil with only ingredients for about ten minutes then add about two cups of water and cook till the meat is tender.

Add the stock fish and dry fish, cook for about 15 to 20 minutes till they are soft for consumption. At this point you can add the parboiled or roasted fish if you are making okra soup with fish.
Cook for 5 minutes before adding palm oil, crayfish, 1 or 2 cubes maggi (seasoning), pepper and salt to taste. You will find a tasteful soupy combination.

Add the okra five minutes after, stir, and cook for about 3 minutes before adding the leaves (optional), you can use fluted pumpkin or the normal pumpkin leaves. Cook for another 3 to five minutes and you can serve with Eba, Iya, Fufu, Uka {Amala} or semo etc.

You just made a very delicious Ebira Peoples Nigerian okra soup See the Image Below;

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In Conclusion: How was this Tutorial ladies do you want me to come and cook for you in your hostel? lols hope your boyfriends no go break my head oh well lets call it a day guys to appreciate my writting please share with your friends and drom your comment below we will appreciate any comment and i will respond to your questions as fast as i can.


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