Why most women experience breast reduction during family planning

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Why most women experience breast reduction during family planning

It is no longer news that most women of this generation do not have plans of having so many children after marriage, which is why they opt out for family planning. This would help them have more space between their children but to help them plan their future as well.

However, there are different types of family planning packages which can only be properly selected through the help of a medical expert. Some of these planning do not go down well with breastfeeding mothers as it may affect their baby.

This does not mean that breastfeeding mothers cannot pick a family planning package but theirs would require special needs so it does not have any effect on the quality and quantity of milk her breast would produce.

According to Healthline, birth control pills can affect your breast size but it can’t change breast size permanently. Before you begin using hormonal birth control, make sure you understand how it can affect your body and what side affects you may experience as this is the most common form of hormonal contraception. Why most women experience during family planning

There are also several ways at which these pills can affect a breastfeeding mother’s body because they contain estrogen and progestin which are synthetic forms of hormones that occur naturally in the body and may cause changes to a woman’s breast.

Aside from breast reduction, family planning also has some other side effects which include changes in menstrual cycle, mood swings, nausea, headaches, weight gain and breast tenderness.

Most women can successfully take birth control pills without any symptoms, side effects, or complications. Before considering taking pills/family planning, breastfeeding mothers are also advised to take additional cautions which include:

1. Have a history of high blood pressure

2. Have been diagnosed with clotting disorders

3. Have unhealthy levels of cholesterol

4. Have a history of migraine with aura

5. If you are overweight or obese and have additional medical issues


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