Brent Faiyaz – Around Me

Brent Faiyaz – Around Me Mp3 Download

Here is one of the tracks from one of the american singer and songwriter  abulm ‘Lost’ and the track we’er tlking about here is titled ‘Why’z It So Hard’.

‘Lost’ is an abulm of sx tracks and now that ge gas droped this sic tracks abulm the tracks some of this ones listed below and they includes police sirens,general noise in the streets. He asks why it’s so hard out in the streets for him, a feeling that resonates beyond your headphones.

The mixing of this project is well-done with vocals being panned at exactly the right spots. Despite the soft nature of his music, it does not feel empty. There is always something happening for the listener to keep track of. The young singer will keep growing his name with efforts like this one

stream below
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